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Powdered Metal Manufacturing Services

Quality Assurance

BestMetal is an AIAG/QSA certified supplier.
Our complete manufacturing facility is run on real time Statistical Process Control (SPC).  All steps in the manufacturing process are controlled and tracked from receipt and approval of raw material through final inspection and shipping.

Engineered Solutions

CAD DesignOur service begins by working with you on the design of the actual part, to maximize both its performance and ease of manufacture.
There are many options available to the user of powdered metal: alloy selection, machining, heat treat, steam treat, resin impregnation, and plating to name a few.  Our engineering services will help you construct a processing plan that economically delivers the highest quality and performance.
We use the latest Intel Pentium platforms and AutoCAD 2000 systems to develop the most effective tool design and production method possible.  This engineered approach reduces lead times and lowers tooling costs.