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Custom Manufactured Powder Metal Parts and Components

BestMetal Corporation invites you to view a small sampling of the custom metal parts and components we have manufactured. Our components are used in a wide variety of industries including agricultural, automotive aftermarket, electro-magnetic, food service, fluid handling, lawn and garden, marine, material handling, power transmission, recreational and structural.
BestMetal provides a full compliment of services from engineering and design assistance to insure that the design is both cost effective and appropriate for the specific product application to precision manufacturing that will insure complete customer satisfaction. For additional information, please contact us at 815-337-8800.
Precision Component Manufacturing

Agricultural -Bushings, Spacers, Cams and Housings

Bushings and Spacers
Seeder Cans
Bearings Housings

Automotive Aftermarket- Cams and Bushings

Cam Lever

Electro-Magnetic - Electrode Shoes and E-Cores

Electrode Shoe
Electrode Shoe

Food Service - Stainless Steel Sprockets and Heat Treated Drive Couplings

Stainless Steel Belt Sprockets
Stainless Steel Special Bore Ladder Chain Sprockets
Space Mount with 3/8 - 40 Adjusting Thread
Heat Treated and Plated Torque Drive Couplings (male)
Heat Treated and Plated Torque Drive Couplings (female)

Fluid Handling - Pump Gears, Couplings, Small and Large Gerotors

Hydraulic Pump Gears
Small Gerotors
Large Gerotors

Lawn & Garden - Spur Gears, Lever Arms, and Blade Adapters

Specialty Spur Gear
Lever Arms
Blade Adapters
Spur Gears with Lightening Holes

Marine - Tensioners, Impeller Inserts and Cam Levers

Impeller Insert
Impeller Insert
Cam Lever

Material Handling - Housings, Chain Sprockets, Sector Gears, Bevel Gears & Bearing Rollers

Chain Sprocket
Sector Gear
Bevel Gear
Bevel Gear
Bevel Gear
Sector Gear
Bearing Roller
Hex Bearing Roller

Power Transmission - Cluster Gears, Spur Gears, Pinions, Sector Gears & Differential Gears

Spur Cluster Gears
Special Bore Spur Gears
Idler Gears and Pinions
Specialty Differential Gears
Sector Gear

Recreational - Spur Gears, Drive Blocks

Spur Gear
Spur with (1) hub
Drive Block with Dual Lead Acme Thread
Spur Gear
Spur with (2) hubs

Structural - Corner Brackets, Hex Bores, Molding Inserts, Flanges and Splined Adapters

Corner Brackets
Adapters Hex Bore
Molding Inserts
Stainless Steel Splined Adapters